Thursday, April 7, 2011


Lizard, it seems we have similar ideas often! ha!


  1. Yeah! Such an easy technique but, oh so effective!!

  2. Try lots of light, tiny aperture and an exposure of 0'8", it works super good! The longer the exposure the more time you have to play with your zoom. Watch it though because it's really easy to overexpose and then your picture is just one big blowout :)

  3. The fine line between the black and the white is really good though. A picture like that looks even better with a lot of grain. You can download something that will give you almost the same grain as film, ask Christian he knows what it's called. Don't mistake noise with grain though. You'll know a good grain when you see it. Glad to see you dropped the vignetting too, it's nice to use but not always for every picture.