Monday, October 31, 2011



  1. Looks like your are having lots of fun with those little cameras. You have them on you all the time and it shoes in the spontenious look the pics have! I like the framing some of the shots have, I like the evereday life others bring, it's fun to see you try wathever feels good knowing you don't get to see the results right away!

    On a more technical note, what film are you using? Is it your own scan or do you do it at school?

    We need to spend more time talking about photography, I need your vibe to compliment my own motivation!

    se ya at work!

  2. Im shooting HP5 plus cuz its cheap. I shot one roll of kodak tmax 100 and it was nice. Its my own scan, I got a used epson v300 photo for 50$, good enough.

    My next photos should be better, I realized I was using the wrong developing times! i mixed up the developer names! fudge! so I'm thinking the next batch should be better.

    When I got the scanner I also got another developing kit, more chemicals and a brand new (plastic) tank for 20$!! that guy was a great deal!