Saturday, November 5, 2011


People Versus Shoes is a small series where I wanted to show how much you can learn about someone from their shoes. Shoes are something we are wearing a lot in our society, and everyone feels differently about them. Some people have a different pair of shoes for each day, and some people wear their shoes until they fall apart before buying a new pair. In this mini series my subjects were asked to place their shoes as they wanted, and everyone's placing was different. The shoes show who is playful, rugged, hardworking, and each persons style. Everyone chooses shoes for different reasons based on esthetics or purpose, and what they actually use them for shows after a little use. The way someone walks or stands can be determined by a used shoe, as can the activities a person partakes in. The subjects I chose are people that clearly use their feet. They are in their shoes for the greater part of the day and pick their shoes accordingly. Although they all show similar signs of use each person is clearly different and not following a preconceived “mold”.

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